Hi Everyone
Welcome to our on-line learning site. My name is Caroline Bush and I'm a teacher at St Mary's too, though my St Mary's is in Auckland! I am learning about teaching in an on-line environment and you lucky people get to be my ginuea pigs (I promise you it won't hurt a bit!) I have been friends with Mrs. Kenneally since we had a MAGIC time learning together for our Masters in Wellington. She has told me you are an amazing bunch of enthusiastic learners and I'm so excited she has let me borrow you for some MAGIC learning.
We will be finding out about the ANZACs and ANZAC day. There are a choice of two missions to showcase your learning, have a look and a think before your decide which one you want to complete.
ANZAC Day, what does it mean to you today? You know that ANZAC day is a special day. Every newspaper, radio station and TV station has told you that so some things to think about ....
  • Why is ANZAC day so special?
  • What is the focus and meaning of the day?
  • What was life like for ANZAC soldiers?

ANZAC Day happened a long time ago, so does it still have anything to do with you today?

These are some key questions that we will explore

First, however, brainstorm to make a list of what you think ANZAC Day means and why it is or is not important to you. Record your main ideas in the Wallwisher and post your ideas. MAGIC
But to start with head over to the games page and have a go...